About VRM

Valco Resource Management (VRM) is an integrated consulting firm in the natural resource trade industry. VRM satisfies its clients by developing and administering strategic plans to ensure client savings in their present operations and the future. Drawing from over 28 years of successful assistance to its clients, VRM is able to remove operational, regulatory, and contractual constraints and increase profit. VRM takes a holistic approach in evaluating its clients operations with a focus on: (1) the efficiency of sales contracts, (2) implementing internal audits, (3) revising service offerings, (4) investigation of administrative expenses, and (5) by concentrating on healthy future natural gas technologies, products, and services.

Mission Statement

VRM dedicates its time and resources to its clients to ensure efficient and productive changes that will deliver meaningful results. Fusing their own experience and procedures with the industry specific needs of each individual client; VRM is a conduit for streamlining your business and raising the possibilities on the financial horizon.